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Government Of Assam Nalbari District

Historical Background

  • 'Nalbari' means a place of reeds. The name was founded by the British Railway Engineers sometimes in A.D. 1890-91. Former name of this place was -Satra, Govindapur, Khata etc. This region was a part of ancient Kampitha, Pagarjotic, Pragjyotisha, Kamarupa, Kangoor, Rumi, Vaisali etc. Nalbari is a district name today.The history of Nalbari is connected with king Jarashandha and Lord Krisna such as Haribhanga. Nalbari region was under the Ashuras, Danavas, Varmanas, Salastambhas, Palas, Bhuyans, Koch, Tai-Ahoms, Mughals etc. The famous earlier villages are: Khata, Bahjani, Baska, Dhamdhama, Barbhag, Sonkuriha, Tihu, Janigog etc.Religious shrines are: Sri Sri Sri Bilveswar Maharudra, Balilecha mandir, Jaypal mandir etc.In early time, famous Sages like Vasistha, Atri, Kanva passed through this land to Guwhati. The Pandavas and Kauravas also came down to Kamarupa during Duryyodhanas marriage through this route only. Nalbari is known as 'Navadivipa' of Assam. There are good numbers of Sanskrit Toals in Nalbari. This region was once the hub of the activities of Haradatta and Biradatta revolutionary Heores in the last days of the Tai-Ahoms. The story of Kumedan Bangal and Padma Kumari daughter of Haradatta still echoed this area.