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Government Of Assam Nalbari District


Overview of Nalbari W.R. Division:


The Nalbari Water Resources Division, Nalbari performed works as a wing of Manash Valley E&D Division, Barpeta. But, it was separated in the name of ‘Nalbari E & D Division’ at Nalbari in the year 1970 in order to control flood and drainage system and to protect the Home-stead, Institutional building, cultivated area and live-hood etc from flood. This Division had initially 1(one) no. of Sub-Division till the year 1973 and the name of the sub-division was Nalbari E & D Sub-Division. But later on Tamulpur E & D Sub-Division & Hajo E&D Sub-Division were merged with Nalbari E&D Division. Moreover, in the year 1984, another sub-division at Mukalmua was established in the name of Mukalmua E&D Sub-Division. Presently the division is in the name of Nalbari W.R. Division, Nalbari from the year 2002 with the strength of 2(two) nos of sub-divisions and the name of the sub-division are Nalbari W.R. Sub-Division, Nalbari & Mukalmua W.R. Sub-Division, Mukalmua.

Location, Area and Administrative Division/Sub-Divisions:-

The Nalbari District is situated in between 26 0N & 270N Latitude and 910E & 970E Longitude at the height of 89.00m above sea level. The northern side of the district is bounded by the Baksa District and the southern side by the mighty river Brahmaputra. The Baksa as well as Kamrup District fall in the East and the Barpeta District in the western side.

To prevent the various rivers/ streams/ channels from overflowing on their sides and thereby flooding the areas in their vicinity; embankments/ dykes have been constructed by the Water Resources Department. Such embankments/ dykes were built under Nalbari W.R. Division along following river /channel are as follows:-

  1.           River Brahmaputra(North Bank)       
  2. River Pagladia (both banks)             
  3. River Noona (both banks)                
  4. River Mora-Pagladia (both banks)   
  5. River Borolia (both banks)               
  6. Nadla drainage channel(both banks)
  7. Jaha Channel (both banks)

This division undertakes different types of projects such as raising & strengthening of embankment , protection works against the erosion of river Brahmaputra and its tributaries, pro-siltation works, diversion of river, construction of new embankment, sluices etc. This division also executes the maintenance and repairing works to the existing structures.