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Government Of Assam Nalbari District


Sl. No. Name of Scheme Esstt. Amount (Rs. In Lakh) Ref. of Administrative Approval Remarks
1 2 3 4 5
1 Construction of VIP Suit at Circuit House, Nalbari 53.58 GAG(B)76/2016/21                   Dt. 03.03.16 Work Completed.
2 Constn. Of Auditorium Hall at Chamata Higher Secondary School under Nalbari  205.00 PMA(5) 16/2015/70                Dt. 30.09.15 Work completed
3 Const. of 2 stored R.C.C. Treasury Building with provision of another one storey in future for Belsor Sub-Treasury under the district of Nalbari 107.58 FEB.151/2010/178                 Dt. 10.03.15 Work completed
4 Const. of office Bldg of the Asstt. Director of Audit (Local Fund) GL Nalbari Circle, Assam with a provision of (G+2) 120.45 FEB/50/2014/74                                          Dt. 19.08.2015 Work Completed.
5 Construction of proposed sub-regional Science Centre Cum Planetarium for ASTEC under Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of Assam at Nalbari.                                                        257.43 1) STE55/2010/1 Dt. 01.10.2010                                2) STE55/2010/193 Dt. 21.01.2013                                             3) STE55/2010/214 Dt. 19.03.2014 Phase-I Work completed. Machineries and furnitures are yet to be installed.
6 Construction of proposed sub-regional Science Centre Cum Planetarium  at Nalbari.    (Package No. ND-BW)                                                    8.48 STE.55/2010/525 dt. 19-03-2016 Phase-II Work is in progress.
7 Augmentation of existing infrastructure in   Debiram Pathsala H.S. School, Nalbari. 131.26 PMA(S) 159/2016/305           Dt. 26.02.18 Work just allotted. Work will be started early.
8 Const. of IB at Bejisuti Bazar, Barsulia (Char) in Barkhetri LAC in Nalbari Dist. 50.00 B 19/2015/Pt/10 Dt. 10.07.2015 Work Completed.
9 Constn. Of Indoor Stadium and swimming pool at Nalbari 516.57 SYW.392/2017/29                   Dt. 16.02.18 In progress (10%)
  Untied Fund work for the year 2016-17      
1 Construction of Students Common Room with raising low site at Chandkuchi Public School, chandkuchi under untied fund 25.00 L. PD/DCP/14/2017/Pt-I/24              Dt. 28.03.17 Work Completed.
2 Construction of RCC community Hall at Mahabishnu Jagyadham at Village Barnaddi in nalbari District. 30.00 L PD/DCP/10/2017/39              Dt. 23.02.17 Work Completed.
  Untied Fund work for the year 2017-18      
1 Constn. Of Bldg. of Jnanadayani Natya Samaj at Sahpur, Rajghat, Gamarimuri 40.00 NDC-74/Untied/2018/2           dt. 29.03.2018 Work is in progress.
2 Constn. Of RCC Community Hall near Kathalbari Doul Than at Village Kathalbari under Untied Fund 20.00 NDC-93/Untied/2018/3          dt. 05.06.2018 Work is in progress.
3 Constn. Of Community Hall near Kakaya Durga Mandir under Untied Fund (State Specific Scheme)  15.00 NDC-91/Untied/2018/3 dt. 23.04.2018 Work Completed.
  Untied Fund work for the year 2018-19      
1 Constn. Of Guest House near Sri Sri Jayhari Pitar Than, Sathikuchi under Untied Fund  50.00 NDC-401/Untied/2019/24-A dt. 04.06.2019 Work is in progress.
2 Constn. Of Concrete wall for Kharjara Ashram near Nalbari town under Untied Fund 20.00 NDC.409/Untied/2019/17-A dt.30.05.2019 Work is in progress.
3 Constn. Of Brick Boundary wall near Jaha Gopal Mandir under Untied Fund 25.00 NDC-398/Untied/2019/25-A dt. 14.06.2019 Work is in progress.
1 “Construction of Medical College at Nalbari” in Nalbari district, Assam under NLCPR 350.00 L HLB.205/2017/Pt/217             Dt. 20.02.19 Work is in progress.(15%)
1 Construction of Godowns/warehouse  for proper storage of    EVM and VVPATS in the 50 election District of   Assam for the year 2017-18 (At Nalbari) 218.13 ELA.36/2015/321                                Dt. 26.03.2018 Work is in progress.(64%)
  CSS SCHEME      
1 Construction of Office Bldg. of District Consumer disputes redressal forum, Nalbari 22.30 L FSA.217/2015/107                    Dt. 21.03.17 Work in progress.(95%)
1 Establishment of 21 Nos. New polytechnics in different Districts of Assam under plan during 2011-12 at Chandkuchi, Bahjani in Nalbari District. (Package No. Poly-11) (Phase-I) 1230.00 PMA(H) 109/2011/23 dt. 19.03.2012 Work Completed.
2 Establishment of 21 Nos. New polytechnics in different Districts of Assam under plan during 2011-12 at Chandkuchi, Bahjani in Nalbari District. (Package No. Poly-11) (Phase-II) 336.11 PMA(H) 109/2011/23 dt. 19.03.2012 Work is in progress.
1 Establishment of 10 (ten) Govt. B.Ed Colleges under the Directorate of SCERT, Assam during 2017-18 (at Nalbari dist) 817.72   Under tender process
2 Augmentation of existing infrastructure in Govt Gordon H.S. School, Nalbari.  584.62 PMA(S) 159/2016/305           Dt. 26.02.18 Under tender process
1 Sariahtoli Stadium, Nalbari (Rs.55.00Cr)     DPR submitted
2 Engineering College, Nalbari (Rs.50.00 Cr)     DPR submitted
      Executive Engineer, PWD  
      Nalbari Building Division