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Government Of Assam Nalbari District

Support, Services and Children Home

  • Foster care: it is an arrangement in which the child usually lives with on a temporary basis with an extended or unrelated family member when parents are unable to take care of them due to sickness or other crisis.  Who can opt Foster Care:


  1. Ability                                     iii. Capacity
  2. Intent                                      iv. Prior experience of taking care of children


  • Sponsorship: It provides financial support to children to meet educational, medical, nutritional needs of children to improve the quality of their lives. The categories are:
  1. Widow / divorced/abandoned mother
  2. Child is orphan and living with extended family
  3. Parents suffering from life threatening disease
  4. Incapacitated parents


  • Adoption: it aims to provide a child who cannot be cared for his biological parents with a permanent substitute family.


Sarothi: A child care institution to shelter and in house children in need of care and protection referred by CWC up to 18 years to provide shelter, education, medical needs, food and other basic amenities.

Specialized adoption Agency (SAA): An adoption agency runned by NGO (GVM) for children up to 6 years of age.

Observation Home: Situated in BOKO, Kamrup district, Children in conflict with law are in housed referred by JJB.

*The child care institutions are registered under JJAct 2015