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Government Of Assam Nalbari District

Places Of Tourist Interest

Hari Mandir Nalbari


Built in 1965 on land donated by Rambahadur Pratap Narayan Choudhury, the temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. In 1968 the puja Mandab was built with financial help from Lt. Damahuram  Mahajan. The new Math was constructed from 1976 to 1985. The temple is unique throughout Assam because of the annual Ras festivel celebrated here in the month of November since 1946 with much pomp and grandeur; the festival, of course, being held much earlier from 1933 elsewhere.

Billeswar Temple: :


Believed  to have been built 500 years ago, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. As the legend goes, a priest once had a cow which refused to be milked. Upon following the cow, the priest found that the cow gave milk on a bush of “virina” (type of grass). When the king came to know about it he got the place dug and found a Shiva Linga on that spot. A temple was built which was first called Birreswar or God or Virina, then Billeswar and now Belsor. Nowadays Belsor is a developed village  with easy accessibility. Throughout the ages this temple has attracted many devotees and received royal patronage, including the Ahom King, Lakshmi Singha, who rebuilt the temple after it was devastaed by natural calamity. It is situated about ten k.m. south-west from Nalbari Town.



Believed to have been built by the Ahom King, Siba Singha (1718-1744) this Kali Mandir situated at Ballilesha village is a living Sakti Peeth. There is an 18th inch high statute of Kali made of Asta Dhatu inside the temple. Though there were also Bishnu Doul and Shiva Daul, the carthquake of 1897 almost destroyed them. A Kali Pukhuri covering 8 Pura of land however still exists. It is situated in a beautiful location on river bank of Pagaldia about seven k.m. away south-east of Nalbari town.